You'll be surprised to discover so much is within your financial reach!
You’ll find a close-knit community
who help new residents.
Simpson House offers everything you need for a worry-free, activity-filled retirement, surrounded by friends.

The security you’ve come to value

The best value in Philadelphia retirement communities

What do you value most? Security? Neighborhood? Friendship? Simpson House offers service, security and a lively community of friends—all at a reasonable cost. If you’ve been considering retirement communities in Philadelphia, we’ll show you the value you get for every dollar you spend.

Walk through the front door and you’ll immediately sense Simpson House’s welcoming spirit. As a caring community of individuals, we value the opportunity to help new residents immediately feel like members of the Simpson House “family.” Our goal is to create a warm, cozy atmosphere of commitment and care. We’ve renovated and updated the décor of our senior living residences—all you have to add is your own personal flair.

Simpson House is America’s oldest retirement community with historical ties to the United Methodist Church. We’re conveniently located at the corner of Belmont and Monument Avenues overlooking Fairmount Park. For nearly 150 years, we’ve been a respected name in Philadelphia senior living. Now discover The Cornerstone, our exciting expansion on the southwest corner of campus.