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Meet a Lady Who Knows What She Wants — and Gets It.

— a career that she describes as, “41 years of the most creative and challenging work. Every day I felt I was going to grad school and getting paid for it. I learned so much about history, science, the arts and more. I traveled the world. And I worked with people who were like characters out of a novel.” So, how does she feel about easing into life at The Cornerstone? She assures us she won’t miss winter’s “sloppy nasty driving, or getting out the shovel and rock salt.” And, although Tammy considers herself an accomplished cook, the idea of having someone else fix most of her meals — especially meals as good as those she has enjoyed at recent Cornerstone events, including a “road trip” to Jenner’s Pond — sounds pretty good to her. “I also like the idea of having a designated parking space.” The decision to move here was, she says, one that some of her friends questioned. But, Tammy had to hear just one announcement on (where else?) public radio and make exactly one visit to The Cornerstone marketing office to make up her mind that this was the right lifestyle for her. She chose The Kennedy floorplan (one of the most spacious in the community) and has never looked back. “I’m not looking forward to the actual move, but this lifestyle is right for my future. Whatever I need next is already here,” she says. We say, “Welcome!”

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