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Simpson House Welcomes new Dining Services Director

“I never have a boring day,” says Jill Newsham, the new Director of Dining Services for Simpson House. “What we do is ever-changing. People are always looking for something new. They travel more, so they are looking for international dishes. Or they want ‘grab-and-go.’ And, of course, there is the push toward eating local and healthy.”

Newsham says, “When I was studying at Penn State to become a registered dietician, we covered the entire dietary life cycle. I thought gerontology was interesting, and it became my focus. So, in fact, for my entire career — three decades and counting — I have worked in senior communities.”

This is a particularly exciting time for Newsham to have joined the Simpson House team, with the new kitchen, new dining venues and new options that are being added as part of the community-wide upgrades and renovations and the creation of The Cornerstone. “All of these improvements mean we can better serve the residents of Simpson House and The Cornerstone. In the new kitchen, we’ll be able to ‘cook to order’ and create a restaurant style of dining. Simpson House has made the financial commitment to this, and I believe it will result in a wonderful experience for the residents of the entire community.”

Welcome, Jill Newsham — everyone at Simpson House is looking forward to dining with you!

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