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Things are shaping up at The Cornerstone

When recently asked about progress at The Cornerstone, Richard Coyle — executive director here at Simpson House — answered that there is nothing to see. Then he quickly explained that “Yes, the old building is gone. And the ground is level. But all of the underground systems are in progress. And we are about to pour concrete for the footings for the new building.” Coyle explained that the next thing anyone who drives by will see are elevator shafts going up in The Cornerstone. And then?

“The next phase — coming in a matter of weeks — is when the building really begins to take shape,” he said. “The framing-in will give the building its form. After that, things will move quickly, with the first residents moving in just months later.

“Of course, if you come inside the Flanagan Building today, there’s plenty to see, including an inviting new lobby with a fireplace and a flat-screen television. And, just a few feet away down ‘Independence Way’ we’re creating a lively new bistro.”

Coyle is especially proud of the new rehabilitation area. “In partnership with Select Rehabilitation — for staffing and programs — we are providing short-term rehabilitation in the form of speech, occupational and physical therapy. This serves people from the area, as well as Simpson House residents, should they ever need it.

“And, something most people may never see — but will benefit from — is our amazing new kitchen. But The Cornerstone will also include something that everyone will see — and enjoy: the outdoor area planned for the Independent Living bistro. Diners will savor our new cuisine, while enjoying the Fairmount Park view and thinking about what a great place this is to live.”

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